Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to CORNERSTONE: 10-DAY TEAM BUILDER TRAINING!!!! This e-course will help you to move from challenge group leader to a team builder with coaches thriving under you! This is the beginning of building a 6 figure coaching business which is why we're calling it CORNERSTONE. The lessons you learn here will help you to have a solid foundation on which to build your entire coaching business!

Our objectives in this training will be... 
1. To understand the basics of your downline
2. To understand Emerald rank and promote to it
3. To learn how to enroll new coaches into your organization
4. To help you duplicate success in your downline and get your coaches started strong!
5. Help you step up to Team Builder in the Leadership Ladder

By now you should all have finished your New Coach Training and the Business Starter Bootcamp.

Some things you should already understand from completed trainings are...
1. How to log into your Coach Online Office (COO)
2. Your coach ID + how to find and make direct links to send to customers
3. What Success Club is and how to get it
4. The 3 Vital Behaviors
5. How to Handle Common Objections
6. How to begin Sharing Your Story
7. How to share on Social Media about What you are Doing
8. How to Follow Up with Prospects
9. How to Craft Great Posts for Facebook
10. The Basics of Using Social Media to Grow your Business

Whew! You are well on your way to being a rockstar in the network!

These are FOUNDATIONAL so you need to understand them! If you do not know all those things, it is important for you to do a quick refresher. The previous trainings can be found here.

If you're ready to roll these next 10 days I want you to say ALL IN in a comment below! Remember, it is up to YOU and YOU ALONE to make your business a success. There are no lack of resources, all the answers are out there via our team trainings, the coach online office, and google! HA! If you are committed to learning and growing and empowering yourself to find answers and solutions then you will be unstoppable!